What Is a General Dentist Doctor?

Dentist, also called a dental specialist, is a qualified medical professional who specializes primarily in dentistry, hence the term dentistry. The dentist’s medical team helps in giving oral healthcare services to the patients. Some of them are general practitioners, sub-specialized in their areas or specialties. They provide basic, clinical, and preventive dental care to all patients. These dentists provide state-of-the-art and the latest equipment to provide comprehensive service.


A postgraduate student

wanting to pursue a specialization in dentistry needs to pass the Dental Admission Test (DAT) for dental school which is conducted by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). The student needs to have good grades in subjects like mathematics, science, and reading to clear the exam. Once the student passes the exam, he is awarded a degree called a DDS or Doctor of Dental Surgery, accordingly. Many dentists provide personalized treatment plans and refer the patients to the appropriate specialist for further treatment. Most modern dentists follow traditional techniques of treating the oral cavity and its related disorders.


Traditional dentistry

is practiced by the majority of dentists in the United States. In this dental field, a patient comes to the clinic for consultation and either gets his mouth examined by the attending physician or takes a seat in the dental chair and gives some time to the practitioner to examine his teeth. The patient expects immediate results and feels relaxed after the examination. If the problem persists, then it is time to take a call to the dental school laboratory where the expert will discuss the problem with the medical history of the patient and suggest a proper oral health care treatment plan.


Most of these dentists

are involved in research works and help in developing effective oral care solutions for their patients. They conduct state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and are well equipped to handle any kind of dental complication. They use modern machines to clean the teeth, polish them and restore the pearly white smile. Dentists usually use tray systems for the examination of teeth in comparison to the chair systems where the technician sits down facing the tray and works. This helps in examining the teeth at various places without the interference of other things like furniture and walls.


Cosmetic dentistry involves all kinds of dental procedures

aimed at improving the appearance of the teeth and gums and preventing decay and gum disorders. Since the mouth is full of nerves, dentists often inject local anesthesia to numb the portion of the gums before performing cosmetic procedures. Aromatherapy, massages, voice training, and speech therapy can also be offered to patients for effective oral health care.


An expert cosmetic dentist

has to be an expert in pain management, periodontal diseases, oral health maintenance, wound care, and prosthetics. A good oral hygienist makes sure that the teeth and oral cavity are keeping free of plaque, calculus, and tartar. A specialist in dentures has to be proficient in the fitting and removing them properly and safely. He or she must also be trained in dentures etiquette and knows how to remove them correctly and sanitize them before insertion into the mouth. General dentists attend to most dental emergencies but are not qualified to give specific treatment as described above.

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