The Employee Civil Rights Act

If you have been working in a certain company for many years, and if there is continuous lay-offs in your department, it may result in you being a victim of discrimination. There are several cases when an employee is discriminated against simply because he has been informed that he is eligible for a promotion, but then he is denied this promotion. He is left with no choice but to quit the company. You can file a complaint for wrongful dismissal if you feel that you have been unfairly dismissed from your job.



In case you are being forced to retire because of bad performance reviews or simply because you have been given a notice of dismissal, you can claim for the loss of wages and other losses suffered during your employment. There are laws in place that protect workers from being unfairly dismissed, but employers are often wary of hiring people who might file a complaint. So they resort to all kinds of strategies to try and avoid having to pay out for wrongful dismissals. One such strategy is to fire someone before he or she can file a complaint. However, you cannot fire someone just because he or she is going to complain, and there have been several cases where the employee has filed complaints after being let go from his job.


There are other workers who have been subjected to age discrimination. This is when an employer takes advantage of his or her employee’s age by terminating them just before the worker is due to reach the retirement age. To be able to prove this case, the employee must give a written document that will prove that he or she was made redundant before reaching the age of retirement. The document must also contain details about the redundancy. The case of age discrimination can only be filed if the employee was working for a company for more than one year. You must give a copy of the document to the employer and also a copy to the labor office.

Sometimes, companies use recruitment agencies to hire individuals. However, even though the agency can help in finding employees, employers cannot use them to get rid of workers just because they are older. An employee cannot be forced out of their employment just because they are reaching the retirement age. A waiver must first be obtained from the workers’ organization. An employee should also be given a chance to challenge the case of age discrimination through a grievance process.


An employee is also protected by the Federal Trade Commission’s Office of Disability Discrimination if he or she has been discriminated against based on his or her disability. In this case, the employee must provide written evidence that he or she has been subjected to discriminatory behavior. Before an employee files this case, he or she must give a copy of his or her medical records to prove the problem. Another important thing that an employee must do is to show that the problem was brought about by his employer’s action. In this case, the employee needs to prove that the problem started soon after he or she started working for the company. After proving your case, you will have the right to file a lawsuit against your former employer.

An employee also has the right to file a case of sexual harassment. This is considered as another form of discrimination, but this is also allowed by the government. It is a violation of the sex discrimination act if an employee is sexually harassed at the workplace. If you have such case, it is important for you to notify your harasser that you are aware of his or her actions.

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