the difference between Wakizashi Sword and The Katana Sword

The Wakizashi Sword Vs The Katana Sword

Two words that have become synonymous with Japan are the Wakizashi Sword and the Katana Sword. The two swords originated from two different periods in Japan before Japan existed as a nation and during the time of the samurai. These two swords represent two sides of the history that shaped Japan. The history of the samurai can be briefly mentioned.


The samurai was a warrior who served Japan for many years of his life

eventually becoming a samurai priest. Samurai were constantly fighting with each other in duels in an attempt to one-up each other. The two blades were created as a result of this constant fighting. The katana is known to be one of the more popular swords of this period because of its large size and incredible ability to chop wood and other building materials.


The wakizashi sword

was created to meet the needs of Japanese warriors when they were on the battlefield. Samurai warriors would use these swords for much of their lives, even dying an honorable death on the battlefield. The sword was durable, strong, and always ready to fight for its master. This is why the wakizashi sword often had a tanto (thick edge) so it could still cut through many things and it could be used as quickly as possible. The blade was also very handy, with many versions having a back grip so they could be carried easily.


The Katana

on the other hand, was designed for a different purpose. The katana was intended to be used as a slashing tool. The katana was also more for skill than the utility. The katana was also used as a form of intimidation because many samurai warriors trained with them before going into battle. The katana was also used as a means of cutting down anything that the samurai could as quickly as possible. The katana sword was designed to be strong enough to slice through most things with great ease.


The point is that the wakizashi sword was created to meet the sword’s needs

in ancient times, and was not created to be a practical and functional sword as were the katana swords. The wakizashi sword was only meant to be used for one thing and one function – to slice and chop. The katana sword was created for many different purposes such as getting into larger and more difficult to penetrate locks, piercing hardened plate armor, piercing soft tissue, and eventually piercing soft bone. Therefore, the wakizashi sword was simply not meant to do everything.


The katana was designed to be strong enough

to slice through many things at high speeds and to be light enough so that one could use it to strike tough targets. However, the wakizashi sword had many advantages to the samurai swords that the samurai warriors carried on them. The wakizashi sword was one of the most useful and versatile swords that the Japanese ever used. The wakizashi sword was designed to quickly and easily change direction when needed. This trait is a key component of Japanese swordsmanship and is one of the reasons why the wakizashi sword is so respected today.

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