Switch Business Energy Suppliers For More Eco Friendly Energy

To change your business energy supplier, usually you must: Find out your current energy supplier’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Pay off any existing outstanding bills before you switch. Why switch energy suppliers? The biggest reason for changing is usually to get a more favorable deal, however, many businesses are unfortunately caught in energy rollovers or evergreen contracts, that keep renewing without ever checking whether this is still the most financially viable deal for their company. This means that they may be stuck paying significantly higher electricity rates for the entire duration of the contract. Here’s what you can do.

Business Energy Supplier


The first thing to try is to negotiate a new contract with your current supplier. In the unlikely event that they agree to switch to a new contract, they may reduce your current rate. This can often happen if your business uses a lot of electricity, or if you’ve just purchased or build a lot of new equipment that will use a large amount of electricity. Another option is that your supplier could offer to increase your tariffs for another term, typically around half a decade. However, many of these factors depend on the financial status of your business and so this might not be easy to achieve.

If you find it difficult to obtain any concession from your business energy supplier to help you switch, talk to your Metered Gas Safe Register (BMRS). This company sets the rate for all gas supplies in your area. Anytime your meter shows a higher rate than this, you’re deemed to have been overcharged. Call them and ask them to consider placing a rollover price on your account to ensure that you’re billed at the most affordable rate possible.


Contacting several different suppliers to see if you can find better rates is also an option. Although you shouldn’t do it on a regular basis, if your supplier has a different rate for some occasions it’s likely that they’ll be slightly cheaper for other times. However, there’s one issue with contacting different suppliers. Your energy market rating may have changed since you first began using their services, making it impossible to compare their rates. You may need to contact your rating company directly.

When looking for a business energy supplier that offers great deals, it’s a good idea to try to locate one that is reputable. Don’t give up if you find you’re being quoted a high price; there are plenty of companies out there offering competitive prices. Ask your energy company services provider, whether or not they offer financial assistance for upgrading existing facilities. If they do, inquire about the types of incentives they offer. There are some energy suppliers who will provide grants that can make installing new equipment, as well as generating power at home, considerably more affordable.


The easiest way to decide on which business energy supplier is best for you is based on whether or not they have the service that you’re looking for. For example, if you recently had your main water supply replaced, call your supplier and ask them what the cost of the replacement was. Now compare this to your current gas and electricity bill and determine if switching to a new supplier would actually lower your monthly outgoings. Remember that your main heating system may already be in good condition; you just need to check to ensure it’s not simply because of a bad previous billing period.

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