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Sweet Talk: Cbd Vs Sour Space Candy

There are a lot of different types of CBD Flower Strains on the market today. With a rapidly increasing demand, many companies are entering the CBD flower growing business to tap into this ever-growing market. Many of these companies use high-tech grow facilities that use state-of-the-art equipment and procedures to cultivate and create some of the most potent and effective natural CBD supplements available. Others simply grow their stock themselves. So how do you choose the right CBD Flower Strains to fit your lifestyle and your budget?


Top 3 CBD Flower Strains Online:

Cheaper by Design, High Quality by Value. -Canna flower extract is made from hemp, which is not yet regulated by the FDA. For this reason, some grower companies opt for cheaper, lower-quality CBD flowers, which have not been processed by state-mandated testing facilities. However, Cheaper by Design offers some of the lowest prices around, allowing you to get the highest-quality buds without paying a fortune for them.


CBD Flower Strains With No Drug Test Results.

Some companies, such as Cheaper by Design, do not process their CBD flowers with drug test strips to make their supplements. While it is possible to find supplements containing only CBD and nothing else, no one yet knows the safety profile of CBD as it is extracted from the flowering buds. But if you want assurance that the plant has no psychoactive properties and is safe for daily consumption, choosing Flower Strain options like Cheaper by Design may be your best bet.



Low Maintenance Flower Strains Many companies also grow their own CBD flowers in the house, using traditional methods of hand-trimming and hand-weed. While the buds are not subject to the same high levels of testing transparency as CBD-packed strains, some companies still follow a standard protocol for trimming and weed growth, ensuring that all flowers produced are free of bugs and pests. This is a notable advantage over other CBD flower strains since bugs can destroy even the purest of strains-so if you choose a hand-picked, low-maintenance strain, you can be sure that you’re getting the purest product.


Cultured crops are also better-tasting than their wildflower cousins.

In a nutshell, the American Shaman believes that consuming raw food can offer greater health benefits than cooked foods. And because there’s no need to undergo the tedious testing process required by drug companies, all American Shaman flower strains are guaranteed to taste great.


Sour Space Candy vs.

CBD Flower Strains The answer to this question ultimately comes down to your taste preferences. I love tart fruit flavors and would never eat a CBD isolate. I would, however, enjoy CBD sweet candy throughout the day, especially after my morning workout. Sour space candy doesn’t have the same level of tart flavor profile as its fellow cannabis-based competitors, so it does make sense for me to choose it over CBD. In terms of taste, then, the winner is Sour Space. But which of the two best produces the most beneficial end product?

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