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Side Effects of Sildenafil

Sildenafil, a common medication used to cure erectile dysfunction, is associated with many possible health risks.

adverse sexual health effects

A clinical trial conducted by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists showed that the drug, Sildenafil, may cause certain side effects that can lead to adverse sexual health effects for some users. These include the possibility of an allergic reaction, penis curvature or numbness, difficult or painful erection, decreased libido or lack of sexual desire, skin rash, peeling or redness at the site of application, and headaches. These reactions are usually mild and transient and do not last long. However, these adverse events can be very bothersome and may cause some inconvenience during or after treatment.

increase of pulmonary hypertension

Another concern is the possibility of increasing pulmonary hypertension, which can be life-threatening. The higher than normal doses of sildenafil that produce adverse effects on the cardiovascular system may increase the risk of cardiac arrest or stroke in people with past or present pulmonary hypertension or hyperinsulinemia. Patients with erectile dysfunction caused by pulmonary hypertension may not respond properly to standard therapy. Thus, it is important to carefully consider the benefits and the risks of the treatment.

blocking of nitric oxide pathway

Another potential adverse reaction is the blocking of the nitric oxide pathway, which results in vasodilation and increased blood flow to the penis. This is believed to occur because the nitric oxide precursor Niacinamide, an ingredient in sildenafil, blocks the enzyme flavone decoylphidase (CS) from converting the flavonoid, 3-hydroxybenzaldehyde into its active form. Niacinamide is contained in many prescription and over-the-counter medications including sildenafil, so understanding whether these other drugs interact with the sildenafil may be critical. Patients should be informed about any prior drug therapy, including the use or nonuse of Niacinamide or other nitric oxide-lowering agents, and should not begin or continue any nitrate-lowering regimen without first consulting their physician.

side effects of high dose

Common side effects in patients receiving high doses of sildenafil are fatigue, dizziness, increased sweating, nausea, and altered thinking. These are usually mild, transient side effects that may subside as the dosage is reduced. However, occasionally these symptoms can persist and require additional treatment. In rare cases, serious complications such as bleeding, neurological damage, or pulmonary embolism have been reported.

dosage adjustments

Studies have not established the optimal dosages of sildenafil to prevent or treat pulmonary hypertension. It is believed that lower dosages are best for patients with mild to moderate symptoms. Dosage adjustments may need to be made based on the results of blood pressure monitoring and other variables such as body weight and height. Doctors generally recommend that sildenafil be taken no more than six to twelve months to avoid the accumulation of accumulated side effects.

talk to your doctor

While it has not been proven, sildenafil may help to prevent prostate cancer and stimulate the immune system, so persons with high blood pressure and diabetes may want to talk to their doctor about how to get sildenafil. It cannot be stressed enough that patients must consult their primary care physicians before taking this or any other antihypertensive or cardiovascular medication. While sildenafil cannot be taken by persons who have heart disease or are currently undergoing a blood pressure treatment, patients should not stop taking such medicines without discussing the pros and cons with their doctor first. Because this is one of the most commonly prescribed drugs for this condition, doctors are aware of possible side effects and the need to monitor patients’ health closely.

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