Samurai swords-Japanese Historical Weapons

Japanese Historical Weapons-Samurai swords. These swords are known to be one of the most beautiful weapons that were used during the feudal Japan era. During this time, samurai warriors used to cut their enemies to death with their swords. When Japanese people began to rebuild the Japanese castle after the time of the wars, they found samurai swords that were kept there by the royal family. Even though many have tried to duplicate these Japanese Historical Weapons, none has been able to match the beauty and durability of a genuine samurai sword.


The word  Samurai means striking short

Samura sword is the name given to these words when they were first introduced in the middle ages. The word “Samura” means “striking short”. These swords were primarily used by the samurai warriors as their weapon of choice to easily execute their attacks. The blade of the sword is made from either carbon or steel and is designed to withstand the hardest blow with just a light mark of wear. The handle of a samurai sword is covered in gold polish to give it more authenticity.


its popularity among film directors and even Broadway plays

Samurai Swords has gained a lot of fame in the world of arts due to its popularity among film directors and even Broadway plays. In addition, many people have also started to collect Japanese Historical Weapons such as samurai swords, which they consider as precious and elegant possession. However, most of these words are already in museums or private collections. Some of these swords that are available for sale can be bought at a price much lower than the original prices.


visit online Japanese history museums

If you want to learn more about Japanese Samurai Swords, you can visit online Japanese history museums for more detailed information on the history of these words. Also, there are books written on the history of Japanese swords that can also help you learn more about these weapons. In fact, these books will give you background knowledge of Japanese samurai swords and how they were made.


heat or cold can cause the blade to break

To protect themselves during battle, samurai swords used to be made very sharp so that they can cut and injure their opponents to death. But after years of use, the sharpened edges of the blades would often cause splits and cracks that would allow enemies to penetrate the armor of the samurai warrior. For this reason, it was necessary to repair these swords or replace them entirely whenever they became dull. Even if the blades are perfectly balanced, a slight movement caused by extreme heat or cold can cause the blade to break. This is one of the reasons why a samurai sword is always carried in its sheath or along with a set of kimono when traveling outside.


In addition, while Japanese samurai swords are now regarded as decorative pieces, they are still very effective weapons. Especially when it comes to battle, these swords can inflict great damage on the enemy. Because of their efficiency, samurai swords are known as among the most famous weapons in history. In addition to this, it is also one of the most treasured possessions of each Japanese household. Today, many people purchase Japanese swords for display or personal collection.

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