Katana Swords

Katana Swords and Their Techniques

Katana Swords is one of the most famous Japanese swords. A katana is basically a Japanese knife defined by a single curved, single-edged blade with a square or round guard and a long grip for two-handed use. Used as a weapon of choice by samurai warriors in medieval Japan, it was initially used only for cutting during battle. The concept of the katana sword came into being when the katana was combined with a cutting edge that was attached to the butt of the sword. This allowed the warrior to use the butt part of the sword as an extended discussion board or flail.


Katana Swords is some of the most commonly found

and most admired Japanese swords today. Although they were primarily used as weapons during the times of samurai warriors, their utility as ceremonial knives and for cutting ceremonial purposes during Shinto ceremonies make them a symbol of beauty, power, and tradition in Japanese culture. The Katana Sword is a unique specimen in the category of katana because they were not only a weapon of choice for warriors, they also served as a form of decoration and were made to be displayed in high esteem.


The term” Katana” (in Japanese, it is read as “shire Katana”)

actually refers to the curved weapon and not the single-bladed katana that most mistakenly think of when they hear the name. Historically, the Katana Sword was originated from a single-edged sword called the Tanto (short sword) of the Japanese Army. Tanto was a straight weapon, which was only distinguished by its curvature. These curvatures were originally intended for cutting down tough targets on horseback. Because of their unique design, the Japanese warriors would utilize the katana for various ceremonial activities including showing respect to seniors, for warriors to show off on battlefields, and practicing the fighting spirit of the Japanese Army.


Japanese swords

have also been featured in many famous martial arts movies, most notably the samurai flick The Castle, a true karate classic. In this movie, the samurai played by Hideyuki Ogasawara rides a white horse, with an inscribed katana at the side. This iconic weapon became a symbol of prestige for the warrior class in Japan, and it wasn’t until the modern era that these swords were adopted into Western martial arts like the makiwara, jujitsu, and judo. It wasn’t until after World War II that kendo masters started teaching their students the proper use of these words as weapons of honor in the Japanese martial arts.


One of the first weapons that were adopted into kendo

as a means of fighting was the katana and many of the original techniques that the warriors used were derived from the traditional curvature of the blade. For instance, when practicing with the jujutsu (martial art of Japan), the student would be taught to parry strikes from another student with a wide-blade sword and then counter with a straight sword strike of one’s own. This is still done today with various variations and forms of the jujutsu kendo.


Another legendary weapon is the taste

This weapon was also adopted into the jujutsu and later the makiwara (school of martial arts weaponry). Tanto blades are believed to be much larger and heavier than normal katana swords and are primarily used for cutting. The length of a tanto blade is between four and five feet long and is held flat against the wielder’s dominant hand. Traditionally, a tank is held straight and in a single-handed grip, but today it is possible to hold them in both two hands or even in a single hand with the grips aligned opposite each other. This makes them very versatile as a weapon of choice for combat and close-range work.

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