2nd Amendment

Illinois Gun Laws

The second amendment to the United States Constitution, also known as the amendment that guarantees a right to bear arms, was adopted by the citizens of Pennsylvania when they voted in a statewide ballot initiative in 1791. The second amendment reads as follows: “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” For a law to be considered constitutional, it must have been established by the United States Supreme Court. Therefore, anyone can argue that the second amendment does not protect a person’s right to own a gun.



gun control advocates point out that over the years various laws, such as restrictive gun control laws in several states have been passed that do not allow a person to own firearms unless they have a very stringent license. Furthermore, there are several state-specific regulations that a person must follow to obtain a concealed carry permit, which is required before a person can legally carry a concealed weapon. Furthermore, there are strict laws regarding convicted felon’s firearm possession. Despite these laws, firearm owners still have the right to protect themselves and their families from bad guys who may want to do them harm.


Many of those who believe that the second amendment

is an individual right to keep and bear Arms, also feel that it gives the government a “shoot first, ask later” policy when it comes to keeping individuals safe. They also believe that the right to self-defense should not extend to everyone. There is nothing more frightening than an individual who is ready, willing, and able to use his or her arms to protect himself or herself. This is especially true when there are no legal means to defend against an attacker. Furthermore, those who feel that the second amendment is an individual right to bear arms also tend to discount the potential dangers of high-powered semi-automatics, fully automatic weapons, and other high-velocity weaponry. These are extremely dangerous weapons and can be devastating in the hands of an unbalanced person.


Although some feel that the second amendment

should not extend to all handguns, others believe that only handguns should be regulated under the 2nd amendment. Some different groups support maintaining a ban on handguns in America. Among them are gun control advocates, anti-gun violence organizations, law enforcement officials, and various educational organizations. Opponents of handgun regulation feel that regulating handguns as weapons are actually in violation of the second amendment. As well regulated arms such as rifles and shotguns are a clear deterrent against people who would bring firearms to school, church, or other places of worship.


Those who support the regulation of handguns

feel that keeping guns available for the general public is important for the security and well-being of the American people. Because of this, many different laws have been established about the carrying of firearms by individuals. In many states, a person can only legally carry a handgun if they are enrolled in a handgun safety training course. Other states have even further tightened their belts by making it illegal to possess handguns or to purchase them without a license.


In Illinois,

a person who owns a handgun has to get a license before they can legally own one. Illinois also prohibits any handguns in the home except those which are registered as weapons. The Illinois State Police along with the Chicago Police Department also works closely together to keep the city of Chicago safe. Although Chicago is one of the most populous cities in the world, the crime rate in the city has been on the rise for the past several years. If you reside in Chicago and are concerned about gun ownership, you may contact the Cook County Circuit Court or visit the website of the Illinois State Police to find out more about Illinois gun laws.

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