how to remove spills on concrete floors?

Removing Spills on Concrete Floors

Painting concrete floors is an affordable way to turn bland concrete into beautiful flooring. Concrete paint comes in different colors so you can match your existing floor to the new paint job. Carpeting is also an easy way for covering a concrete floor; however, it isn’t cheap when you lay the entire carpet yourself. Finally, epoxies offer a low-cost and easy way to complete the concrete basement or garage floors.

Vinegar is one of the best ways to remove stubborn stains

from concrete floors. As with other household cleaners, you can buy a bottle at your local grocery store. Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar and use it to clean the stains from concrete floors with a mop or sponge. It’s best to use vinegar and water together rather than mixing them separately, as the water will dilute the vinegar and the stain will be more difficult to remove. Repeat the cleaning several times to make sure all the hard-to-reach areas are covered.

Epoxy cleaners are a popular choice

for people looking for a low-maintenance flooring option. While you can buy ready-made bottles at your local hardware store, an epoxy floor cleaner can be made at home. Ingredients in most epoxy cleaners are acrylic acid, acetic acid, naphthol, pH additives, and wax. An epoxy floor cleaner will require two or three applications to get a good result, but it’s much less expensive than a carpet cleaner and requires only moderate cleaning over time.

A new garage may require some extra care

to keep your concrete floors clean and looking great. Graffiti, oil and grease, and road tar can contribute to the darkening and cracking of concrete floors. To remove these stains quickly and safely, a chemical stripper is recommended. Before using any stripper, always read the instructions carefully and/or wear protective gloves. If possible, you should let the chemical cleaners dry naturally; however, if the garage is enclosed it’s best to use ventilation-controlled ventilation to ensure the chemical doesn’t enter the home through fans, vent fans, or blowers.

The most effective concrete floors cleaning solution

is the same one that’s used to wax carpets – vinegar. Begin by making a solution using one part vinegar and two parts water. Clean up all spills and marks with this cleaning solution and then re-applying the coating as needed. Use a rubber mop when moving large spills and wait until the first step of the cleaning process has been completed before applying finishing coats. To complete a full cleaning, allow the concrete floors to dry thoroughly between cleaning layers.

A regular dusting with a broom, cloth, or mop

can help remove food stains and grease from concrete floors. Dampen a clean mop or cloth with warm water and then scrub the surface with the scrubbing brush. Once the dirt has been removed, use a dry, clean mop or cloth to dry the area. You may want to add some baking soda to the water to make the mop easier to rinse. Regular vacuuming will keep small dirt particles from building up and causing stains.

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