How to Become a Good Candidate?

Dental Implants – How to Become a Good Candidate

Dental Implants are an innovative and progressive concept that has transformed tooth replacement services completely. Dental Implants offer patients several advantages over other methods of tooth restoration. The main advantage of dental implants is that they do not require the same level of oral hygiene as tooth restoration procedures do. A dental implant is not affected by bacteria or germs that can lead to tooth decay. Dental Implants also provide superior cosmetic results than other tooth replacement options. They are also extremely safe.


Dental Implants provide many unique benefits

to patients in an extensive age range. Despite what most individuals might think, dental implants aren’t simply for the elderly. There are several reasons why an individual might lose a tooth in his or her younger years, and none of them happen when the patient’s mouth is in his or her elder years.


Some individuals develop

lost natural teeth as they grow older. This condition is called osteoporosis. With dental implants, bone can be placed in the jaw area in place of that missing tooth. By using a titanium rod that acts as a scaffold on which the implant is placed, the dental implants make it possible for the bone from the jaw to grow with the implant.


Patients who are undergoing dental implants

might also experience some swelling after the procedure. This is normal and usually goes away fairly quickly. The reason for this is because after the implant is placed, the body forms a protective layer over the implant. This layer of body tissue actually protects the implant from being damaged by the swelling and infection that naturally occur after surgery. Infections can be a problem if the implant is not properly installed. If the implant has been improperly placed or if the body has developed some type of immune reaction to the cement that holds the implant in place, it could cause inflammation and possible infection in the mouth.


Someone can lose one or more teeth

in his or her younger years. However, having dental implants can help to avoid such situations. Once a person loses a natural tooth, he or she may have a difficult time replacing it later on without having to undergo painful and extensive dental surgery. An implant will allow someone to be able to eat foods that he or she is used to eating. It will also allow him or her to chew harder and extract more of the food from the mouth without the risk of damaging the implant.


Age is not a factor

when it comes to becoming a good candidate for dental implants. If an individual has enough bone mass in his or her jaw area to support the implant, then he or she should be a good candidate. However, those who have lost teeth or who are developing problems with their bone mass may need to work hard to be considered a good candidate for this type of procedure.

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