European Organic Baby Formula For Infants

the d States has become about product quality. It is not uncommon for baby formula made overseas to come with a warning label that the product is not for babies. If you have questions about the European formulas you are considering, it may be a good idea to consult with your pediatrician to make sure they are safe for your baby.


There are four main ingredients found in European organic baby formulas. These include soy, rice, lactose, and whey. All of these are plant-based products, which are a far cry from the cow’s milk that most formulas in the U.S. use. In addition, milk from non-genic calves is also commonly used.


One of the biggest draws to these types of European organic baby formulas is that they do not use the artificial preservatives that are commonly found in regular cow’s milk or soy formulas. Most of the Asian and European countries that produce milk formula tend to use cow’s milk and soy rather than the more recently introduced formulas made with soy. Unfortunately, this means that the ingredients of these types of formulas are less likely to be problematic for infants than are those in most American-made formulas. However, most pediatricians are wary of using milk formulas for infants because some of these milk formulas can cause intolerance to lactose in infants.


organic brands use only natural herbs, minerals, and vitamins in their formulas

They also use a high percentage of whole-grain wheat, brown rice, and oats to provide a sufficient amount of nutrients for your baby. It has long been known among researchers that the typical American diet lacks essential vitamins and minerals. The fact is that Americans eat far too much fast food, junk food, processed foods, and other food items that are quite unhealthy. The result is that many infants and toddlers are deficient in key nutrients, including iron, calcium, folic acid, and other important substances.



provide your baby with essential vitamins and minerals

European organic baby formulas manufacturer will most likely be confident in their product advertisements because they abide by strict guidelines regarding the inclusion of trace amounts of vitamins and minerals in their infant formulas. They have completed rigorous tests to ensure that the formulas do not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins. Many of the ingredients in these European formulas, including rice and oats, are completely natural and provide your baby with essential vitamins and minerals.


Each European formula is tested rigorously for contaminants and solids content, before being sent to manufacturing plants to undergo quality control procedures. Each stage pre-manufacture stage of the manufacture also seeks to achieve the absolute highest standards possible. Therefore, when you purchase infant formula from a European company, you can be confident in knowing that what you are purchasing is in fact free of harmful chemicals, preservatives, and toxins, and yet provides your child with superior health and nutritional value.

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