Energy – The Crisis and the Answer

One of the biggest concerns in the world today is global warming. How will the pandemic of Global Warming affect us? How will it affect us today, tomorrow, and decades from now? How will we know what kind of impact it will have on our environment? How will scientists study the effects on our planet? This article examines some of the questions scientists need to answer to better understand the effect of global warming and the potential solutions.


How will the pandemic of Global Warming affect the energy transition?

The ultimate impact of the pandemic will likely depend on unanswered questions which don’t currently have definitive answers. How fast can an effective remedy be developed? Will governments address the political pressure from fossil fuel companies to produce more electric cars and wind power, or create jobs for alternative energy workers?


Will increased use of fossil fuels like coal and oil result in increased pollution

and acidification of our water supplies, and will this affect aquatic ecosystems? Will the use of coal and other fossil fuels lead to serious consequences for the earth’s climate? These are all important questions, and governments must find a way to balance the increase in energy demand with the reduced release of harmful gases into the atmosphere.


Will nuclear energy

and the reliance on electricity supplied by burning fossil fuels, reduce our energy demands? The use of nuclear energy is still on shaky ground in Japan and some European nations, but there is hope. Many experts agree that once the technology is perfected, and nuclear power can compete against traditional methods of producing electricity, the need for fossil fuel demand will decline. Will the world’s population continue to increase, or will the aging populations of the world begin to rely more on alternative energy sources like solar power, wind power, and hydropower? The future looks grim if we continue to rely on fossil fuel demand, but it is our only hope in the present.


If we were to start creating more energy demand by the use of new technologies,

what would happen? How would the different types of technologies match up against each other, and what would happen when one failed? It seems the only answer to this problem is to find alternative energy sources, and the most promising on our current scene seems to be solar energy. As we move further into the future, and pandemic climate change threatens us, will we have no other choice, but look towards more efficient, more reliable, and more robust technologies, to continue leading the way we go about powering our lives?


Will we ever see a return to clean energy technology?

The truth is that while many countries have cleaner technologies today than they did decades ago, pandemic climate change will continue to lead to political and social chaos in the years and decades to come. In the short term, we may find ourselves forced to turn to more primitive forms of energy, like coal and natural gas, as alternative energy becomes more scarce. However, if we want to make a stand for the future, and ensure that we have a stable and healthy society for the next hundreds, even thousands, of years, then we must look towards clean energy technologies today.

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