Different Types of Dogs

Dogs are among the oldest domesticated animals in the world. From their natural genetic range of appearance and size, dogs have been one of man’s most enduring companions. At one time dogs were used for hunting small creatures that were vulnerable to being caught and killed by hunters. Today there are many breeds of dog which provide companionship, fun, and companionship. Some dogs act as watchdogs, herders, and protectors.

Water Dog

The water dog or the large scenthound is an excellent choice if you like to travel and enjoy the water. The water dog does not do well in colder climates as it becomes too cold for it to thrive. The large scenthound on the other hand thrives in the hot weather and is very adaptable to the climate. In the winter months, it subsists on fish and other meat sources while in the summer months it burns its fat from fish and other meat sources. The American sheepdog is another breed that requires less space and needs less care in comparison to the water dog.

Small Dog

There are only four varieties of this breed that can be classified into three groups: the small dog, the medium dog, and the large scenthound. The small dog is of average size between twenty-one to twenty-six inches high at the shoulder and between twenty-four to twenty-eight inches in the tail. The medium dog is between twenty-two to twenty-six inches in height at the shoulder and between twenty-six to twenty-eight inches in the tail. The large scenthound is between twenty-eight to twenty-nine inches in height at the shoulder and between twenty-nine to twenty-five inches in the tail. These four varieties all have differing temperaments, which are suitable for various activities.

Mastiff Dog

Mastiff dogs were originally bred as fighting dogs. However, with time they became known as loving and gentle companions. The Mastiff breeds of today are bred with a purpose to serve as watchdogs and have been used for services such as hunting, dog walking, and security. A well-balanced, healthy, and noisy Mastiff dog requires a good pack leader to keep him company. This breed is more suited to live independently than any other dog type, hence making him a great choice for a family who does not encourage or need constant supervision of their pet.

English Mastiff

A good example of a domesticated dog is the English Mastiff. They have been bred in England since the latter portion of the thirteenth century. Their ancestors were used as fighters or else as shepherds for sheep. Today, they can still do those jobs well and they have even developed special skills like the long-term guarding of flocks of sheep. These Nordic breeds are famous not only for their strength and endurance, but also for their loyalty, intelligence, and keen senses.

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