Cause of Hair Loss in Women – What Can Help You?

When it comes to hair, there are several causes for the condition. These reasons can be physical, psychological, or environmental. Most people have experienced some type of hair loss at some point. You will want to know what treatments work the best when you are looking for hair loss treatment.


The first category includes commercially available products, many of which do not work. Balding hair usually refers to mild to moderate hair loss. Like most hair loss treatments, thinning hair does not always lead to balding. However, it does give the look of more bald spots on the head. This is often caused by genetics, lifestyle habits, or both.


thyroid disease

One of the possible causes of hair loss is thyroid disease. Some people suffer from thyroid disease, and this can cause hair loss as well as other health conditions. In some cases, a low thyroid level can thicken the hair, but it can also cause other health problems. Therefore, your doctor may conduct blood tests to determine if thyroid disease is a possible cause of your symptoms.


hormonal problems

Another possible cause of thinning scalp hair is hormonal problems. For example, women going through menopause experience some thinning of their hair, but this often disappears as they age. If you are going through hot flashes or have had hormonal imbalances in the past, you may experience temporary or permanent thinning of the hair. Your doctor may perform hormone tests to make sure these are not the root cause of your symptoms.


telogen effluvium

A more common cause of hair thinning and bald spots is called telogen effluvium. This is usually the result of intense stress over time, and it results in hair loss that occurs at a faster rate than usual. Telogen effluvium typically occurs as a result of illnesses like cancer, fever, thyroid problems, chronic depression, childbirth, and surgery. Your doctor will do blood tests to determine the cause of your telogen effluvium.


Hormonal disorders

The other most common cause of hair loss in women may be pregnancy, menopause, or hormonal disorders. Your pregnancy could result in temporary or permanent thinning of your hair. During menopause, your hormones may fluctuate, causing hair loss that will eventually go away. Some women may also experience excessive hair loss during pregnancy, which usually goes away when the baby is born. Hormonal disorders may also cause hair loss in some women, although this usually resolves after the treatment for the disorder is finished.

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