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Business Energy Suppliers: How to Compare Prices

Businesses are one of those things that require a good bit of self-motivation in order to succeed. After all, it’s not like you and I pay our utility bills every month, right? So, what can you do to motivate your business? One of the best ways to do this is to give yourself a personal break from your workaday. Often times, just letting your employees know that you plan to be more careful about energy usage and ways to cut down on costs is enough to get them interested and aware of it, as well! If you are unsure where to start, gathered up some of these business energy saving tips for help to jump-start your company’s cost-savings.


Get a green energy check. Contact any business energy suppliers that provide services in your area. Explain that you would like to see them produce more energy using environmentally friendly means, and that you would like to support such efforts. Usually they will be willing to work with you; after all, you are their customer. Make sure you have a written contract specifying how much electricity each supplier will sell to your business, and what measures they will take to reduce their electricity use.

Consider bundling. Contact several business energy suppliers and ask them to put you on their mailing lists. Typically, you can receive pricing information, as well as energy tariffs and details on how you can save money on both your gas and electricity bills. Not all businesses are willing to do this, but if you are able to partner with several suppliers, you can often get a better price than you would by looking for individual providers. This is especially true if you bundle all of your utility needs into one invoice, rather than sending individual invoices to different suppliers.


Contacting your electricity provider directly. If you cannot find a connection, and your costs for energy are becoming overwhelming, you should contact your electricity provider to find out how they can help. You might be surprised at the amount of savings that they can realize just by changing their habits. For example, if you use electricity to power your computer, consider installing a laptop adapter, which can reduce your consumption when not in use.

Compare prices. It may seem like common sense, but in order to get the best business energy prices, you really need to compare prices between various suppliers. While it is true that you may have to pay more for some services, it is still worth the effort to get the best deal. Look for energy comparison sites that allow you to compare prices in your area before making your decision. Look over a list of providers and narrow down your list until you have four or five possibilities that you feel are the best business deals for your needs.


Switch to green. The rising cost of electricity can be expensive for a large business, so why not go all the way and switch to green energy? In most states, you can get credits for being part of the environment-friendly crowd, so if your company advertises green initiatives, you could get those rebates back. Smaller businesses may not have as many options, but it never hurts to ask about them. Once you start to compare prices between different providers, you may be surprised to learn that a large business can often get the same or better rates than smaller companies.

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