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Best Eyewear On The Internet

Some of the best brands of eyewear can be found at independent boutiques. A new brand called Finlay & Co. started in Britain, and Liam Gallagher wore a pair of its sunglasses to Glasto in 2018. Noel McNeill also favors Finlay & Co-frames, which are handcrafted by Italian eyewear artisans. A store with free eye tests is also available, and there’s a selection of independent brands.

Ace & Tate

One of the most affordable brands of eyewear is Ace & Tate. The stylish frames and lenses are under PS100, and the brand offers free home fittings. Other independent eyewear brands include Banton Frameworks, which was started in a workshop in the co-founders’ garden. In the UK, Banton Frameworks is a popular choice because its designs are affordable and look fantastic. Although it’s small, the brand is still competing with the big names.


Captures the quintessential California style in the eyewear industry. Its aesthetic is inspired by nature, architecture, and art. SALT. Emphasizes classic shapes and exclusive materials like Japanese titanium and acetate. Its collaborations with artists make it a unique brand of eyewear. And don’t worry, all of their products are made in California! You won’t find better quality eyewear online or anywhere else!

Quintessential California Style

This California eyewear label is a homage to the quintessential California style. The two founders met at an optical store in Aspen and decided to start a business together. Since then, they’ve created a line of eyewear that’s become an essential part of their personal style. In addition to offering top-quality frames, SALT. ‘s mission is to make eyewear a part of a person’s wardrobe.

Warby Parker

Among the best eyewear brands on the Internet, Warby Parker has been voted the “best” in the world by consumers for over 78 years. The brand’s trendy and affordable frames appeal to a new acetate-heavy era. They also give back by donating a pair of their frames to charity. This is a great way to show your goodwill and support for the brand. All of the brands on this website have been nominated for the award of best eyewear.

Dutz Eyewear

Dutz Eyewear is an independent brand based in Aspen, Colorado. The brand is famous for producing colorful frames and is perfect for fashion-forward individuals who love eccentric designs. Dutz’s collection of eyewear is suitable for both men and women and is designed with quality Swiss lacquer and German stainless steel. A great pair of glasses should fit your budget, and style, as well as compliment your clothes. If you want to look stylish, choose a pair of Dutz sunglasses.


Another eyewear brand that has carved its own niche in the fashion world is MOSCOT. The brand, now in its 5th generation, channels a mix of influences into its eyewear designs. The designer’s career path is unique, as she is an opticienne-lunetiere (licensed optician) who studied in Paris. Moreover, her brand has a wide selection of fashionable frames for both men and women.

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