What are the benefits of having stainless tumblers?

The simple answer is that it makes for great promotional gifts and giveaways! Many companies such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons have tumbler as their logo. A tumbler is ideal for a large-scale promotional giveaway and the one issue with glass is that the recipients need to keep it clean.

Stronger than glass

You don’t have to worry about breakages and bumps. People can easily wipe dirt off the surface as well as fingerprints and the edges are non-porous so you won’t mar the image either. You can order your own tumbler and have it customized by engraving your company name or logo.

Material is very cheap compared to others

You can also order anodized tumblers which will give your promotional gifts a professional look. You can get your logo printed on stainless steel as well as acrylic. You can choose between a black-finished product or anodized white. If you want your promotional gift to be highly visible then you should go for anodized acrylic.

Durable and Resilient

It will not shatter under stress, even when it is knocked. This makes it ideal as a promotional gift because if the tumbler gets damaged it can be repaired quickly. If it is not, the recipient just has to order another one. Many companies offer a full money-back guarantee on their products.

Cannot be cut as easily. 

This means that you can design your promotional gifts in different sizes. When you have a large group of people you can give different sizes of glass tumblers to each person. A lot of hotels and restaurants use stainless tumblers because they are very practical and durable.


One advantage that is worth mentioning is the price. They are inexpensive and are readily available in many retail stores. In contrast, glass items can be very expensive. Companies need to factor in the cost of the printing process, design, and delivery when pricing their promotional gifts. If you have a budget in mind, you can look around for the right tumbler to suit your budget.

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