All You Ever Wanted To Know About Flag Poles

Flag poles, like any pole, are designed to support a flag. In the United States, however, flag poles are usually used to help support the largest flag, which is the national flag. Flag poles are typically taller than the flags they support, but should not be taller than the flags themselves. Flag poles are usually made out of either iron or aluminum. Typically, they have about a foot of brass mesh at the top of the pole, and there are usually several openings on the bottom of the pole.

Flag poles materials


The mesh on the top of the pole is usually reinforced with brass. Brass supports are the best at supporting a flagpole. Iron may work as well, but it is usually quite heavy and tends to bend after some years. Aluminum supports tend to bend once they get too hot, but they do last for years if properly maintained.

Flag poles, whether they are flagpoles or just plain wood, should be inspected periodically. Any cracks in the metal should be repaired right away. Excessively dry weather can cause rust on the flag pole, which can weaken the pole and cause the flag to fall off. New poles need to be painted with an exterior coat every couple of years, while older poles should be repainted every ten years.

One of the most common types of flag poles is the folding flag pole. These are best used for small flags, such as flags for a backyard BBQ. The folded flag pole is made up of sections of flagpoles that are connected together with wooden dowels. Usually the dowels are made of a lighter-weight aluminum or steel than traditional flag poles.

There are several disadvantages to using these flag poles. First, they tend to be flimsy and are not nearly as strong as their larger, bulkier cousins. It is also hard to get into the ground to raise the flag, although some models do have a quick release system. And finally, they are typically only installed in areas where there is plenty of room to raise and lower the flag.

A durable, sturdily constructed flag pole is a necessity in today’s world, whether you are raising a flag at a national event or simply for your neighborhood’s day of remembrance. Even if you are raising just one flag at a public event, it is important to have a flag pole that can withstand harsh climates and weather conditions. With this in mind, you should always take time to shop around and look at the many different flag pole models available so that you can find the best pole for your needs.

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