Achieve a Blushy Blue Eye Look

How to Achieve a Blushy Blue Eye Look

According to various surveys, mostly men like brunettes with blue eyes as their best look. Sorry brunettes. Sorry blonds. Only looking at the statistics. But whatever your eyeshade or hair color, you’re still beautiful, just like you were born last week! One must agree though that the perfect combination of both hair color and eyeshade, plus an excellent photo by the best photographer place this one right at number one position.


Blue eyes naturally have a soft look to them

unlike hazel or red eyes that can look quite dramatic. It’s actually the violet part of the spectrum which can make blue eyes look so gorgeous. Hazel’s eyes, on the other hand, look most stunning when set with a little bit of green eye shadow. Green-eyed people don’t exactly look appealing with dark-colored eyes like black or navy ones, but green eyes look beautiful with all the other hues.


So, there is definitely no problem with eyes

with blue, violet, or brown shades. The trick is choosing warm or cool colored shades. If you really have blue eyes, then go for the warmest hues such as light blue, light green, and warm mocha, which help sharpen your eyes’ attention.


For a more dramatic eye look

try dark liner along with a light blush or powder. Using black liner is a great way to soften your look, making your eyes look more alive. A black liner brush is also very useful for creating a more three-dimensional look for your eyes, which makes your eye look more appealing. However, if you want to add more emphasis to your look, then you can use a bit of white shadow along with a bit of pink or peach shadow to draw a much-defined outline.


You can also apply some mascara to really well define your eyes

with your dark liner. If you have blue eyes, then you can really well define them with black liner. You can also apply blush to your upper lashes with a bit of sheer eyeliner. Blush works really well when applied to your upper lashes. For a more natural look, you can add some more blushing powder to your upper lashes after you apply your eyeliner.


Step two is to select a good eye primer shade

that matches your natural shade of eye. You can find some eye primers at department stores like Macy’s or drugstores like Walmart. Make sure to keep your makeup look simple by applying only a shade or two under your eye shadow. The easiest way to apply makeup to your entire lid area is to use a curling iron. For the last step, select some highlighter shade and apply a very light to medium shade over your lower eyelashes and inner corners to create a dramatic look for your eyes.

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